Build a massive generator of internal belief.

Believe the impossible for others but not yourself? Here is how I overcame this: Never say something to yourself you wouldn’t say to others.
Build a massive generator of internal belief. Develop the discipline to wake up everyday and start that generator of belief. That is how you’ll guarantee happiness in your life. Every day will get better and improve bit by bit. And regardless of what happens financially you’ll have lived your live waking up every day happy. It is possible. Took me 30 years to figure out and the moment I did instantly my life changed.
You’ve got to get serious about getting happy. Most people don’t think serious and happy go together. Most people are wrong. Whenever you hear most people think 80% then ask yourself if you want to live the rest of your life in that group.
Take a deep breath and remember:
You’re still here
You get another chance
This day
To do better, to be better
Another chance to become more of who you were created and what you were created to fulfill.
Talk soon,

How you start the day is how you end the day.

I spend my first hour of every morning hyping myself up for the day. I iterate through what I’m grateful for. I think about the macro and the micro. My home, my family, my dogs, the amazing jam I have for my English muffin, the way the air is cool when the seasons change. All the things that I am truly grateful, things that make my soul feel good.

After that I write out my goals for year. I’ll write the goals as if they already happened. “I have 10 million dollars liquid. I have a prosperous business, Everyone around me is happy and healthy. I have a new Tesla. I have a personal Jet. My family has expanded and is happy and healthy. I’m progressing faster than I did last year. I’m better than I ever have been at prioritization. I focus only on the tasks that leap me forward.”

This is how I have been starting my morning for the past 7 months. It’s drastically changed my life and I highly suggest it as it works.

This morning while showering I listened to my youtube morning motivation playlists and the quote “How you start the day is how you end the day” really stood out to me. I’ve struggled tremendously with starting my day correctly. I had been falling back into the habits of checking email first thing and that wrecks your day. Dedicating the first hour of the day to pumping yourself up being grateful before any of the outside world can affect you has been the consistent key to success. Whenever that is happening I’m happy.

When you get yourself pumped up everything else in the world just handles itself and the amount of energy you have to take on life is x10 more than if you don’t start your morning right. Get your mornings right, change your life.

How you start the day is truly how you end it. Start strong and happy, end it strong and happy.

Talk soon,